if cups were self aware, do you think they would like being drunk from? would they enjoy fulfilling their purpose in life? or would they resent having to go near you filthy mouth all the time?

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at the moment, all i really want is someone i can show off my cute underwear to

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Wind Waker.
by クル.

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If you’ve never seen Villafane Studio's Pumpkin carvings before, here you go.

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i hate being on my period so much

usually i get cramps, really bad, just wait until i pass out from the pain cramps

but this time, instead, i’ve gotten a whirlwind of emotions and my is spinning and i can’t stop thinking and its driving me nuts and i would much rather have the cramps

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SPLASH (by David Wile)

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I’ve always been a fan of the old fashioned, watching Don Draper take off his shirt to fix a sink in like 60 seconds, was hot.
I would not mind putting on an apron and cooking for a man who will chop my firewood and fix my car, and I said something along those lines to a guy, who basically said that was boring. (And his opinion holds a lot of weight for me.)

I’m a bit miffed, I feel like half a year ago I was the girl who was different, the one who was funny, and who was strong enough to walk home in the middle the night alone.

Now I’m boring?! Because I don’t mind being a housewife? I RESENT THAT.

I had a woman look at me in genuine surprise when I finished an entire burrito. I seriously spent the day questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. People used to be intimidated when they met me.

I don’t know whats happening, why people’s impression of me is changing, I guess I have lost weight and I’m a bit more stylish than I was a year ago (but let’s be real, who isn’t?)

I want to be the girl who is one of the boys, who will get dirty, I’m intelligent and rebellious and self conscious and unashamed and independent. Those are the things I love about myself. I know they hardly makes me unique, but I’m certainly not common.
But I also love being a girl who is one of the girls, I fantasize about being glamorous and wearing high heels on casual occasions and making men stop in their tracks and being the best party hostess. 

I didn’t get a chance to say this to him, but I will not be boring, I will be everything I want, tattoos and aprons included.

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Reblog if you truly enjoy giving oral sex.

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His face c:


His face c:

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i like wearing aprons because its a surprise when i turn around and i’m not wearing pants 

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